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Find Your Word

I just finished a 4 day study to determine what word to focus on for the year. On the surface, it seems like an easy task. Just pick a word.

But then you think of all the words in the English language to choose from and it becomes quite daunting.

After deliberating and creating lists with things like Patience, Letting Go, Prayer, Focus, blah blah blah typical stuff you think you’re supposed to think about, I came up with my word.


I felt like this was an all-encompassing word for my life and for what I want to accomplish this year. Obviously connect and grow deeper religiously but even further from that. I want to surround and connect myself with people that are going to benefit me towards my goals and ambitions. Even further, I want to slow down and start connecting with people on a daily level.

It’s common in our new, fast-paced to society to act too busy for others. We can’t be bothered with conversation, we feel people should be grateful we’re taking time to listen without really listening to them, we’re too busy being consumed to see anything outside our blinders. I want to work to stopping that this year.

For instance, I went to the Apple store to charge my work while I was working (first world problem I realize) but while I was standing there amongst the iPads, I engaged in conversation with a worker. He told me features about the tablet that I didn’t know and are going to help me accomplish what I need to finish my project by the summer. Just by opening up and conversing with him I gained more information than if I would’ve stayed consumed with my phone. Which is a typical crutch to keep us “safe” in an unknown environment.

My challenge is for you to think about your word. Something to focus on throughout the year that’s going to make yourself grow from where you are now. Happy quest!