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Faith, Hope, and Pixie Dust

We enter adulthood and try our best to fit on the corporate hamster wheel.

We convince ourselves that job security and benefits are the way to find fulfillment in life. Until the day the wheel breaks and we find ourselves tumbling into an unknown abyss.

That’s where I found myself this week. I probably handled it better since I had been preparing all month for this event. I didn’t think it was actually going to happen, but sometimes your spirit prepares you for things.

After always having a job since I was sixteen and working over forty hours a week, I find myself in unknown territory. I have down time. i have an open schedule. I’m learning terms like severance package and unemployment.

Instead of rushing to end this period as quickly as possible, I’m taking the road less traveled. I’m going to focus on my true goal of being a writer. Not many times in life are you able to take time to focus. I don’t want to squander this gift.

Sometimes all it takes is happy thoughts to sprout your own wings.

Buzzfeed Never Fails

You know those days when you’re bored and find yourself mindless scrolling through social media to kill time?

I was having one of those days. After exhausting 3 social media outlets, I found myself on Facebook, and clicked on a playbuzz link someone had shared. Let’s be honest, those quizzes are the best, clearly all-knowing, and 100% applicable to everyday life. It’s like they know you!

The choice quiz of the day: What is your psychic reading?

Stop: Before you judge and say things like “it’s an evil practice”, “it’s untrue”, insert religious smears and negative language, remember that this a boredom quiz on a site that compares you to fictional cartoons. It means nothing.

I just want to say that regardless of it’s relevancy, I am taking it as a positive motivator toward what I’m hoping to accomplish this year. My results were “You are here for a very special reason“.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 1.57.17 PM

Since I have decided to implement my plan to help curb bullying in our schools, I have been getting these kind of “signs”. I believe that everything determines how you want to interpret it and I’m interpreting this as a sign to not give up, stay focused, and actually finish a project that I’ve started. Everyday is a challenge to stay focused, when you could just as easily be lazy and choose to skate through life. My goal is to not let myself succumb to this person today or ever and things, like this, help to keep me going.

What Were You Made For?

I’m sitting at service yesterday and the pastor creates a 4 quadrant chart with our interests and abilities on the X and Y axis. He explained that most people swing between wishing they had the ability to do something they liked and begrudgingly doing the stuff they have no interest in but can do. We never seem to find the true happiness of using our gifts to do things that we’re truly interested in.

If I apply that to my life, I am on a career path where I have the ability to be successful, but don’t really have the interest to want to do it forever. I studied what I’m really interested in but don’t have the true ability to be successful because of my lack of technical skills or connections. So now I have to do serious inner searching to decide what exactly my gifts are that I could use to fulfill my purpose on earth?

We all have this purpose. None of us are here on accident so now it’s just determining how you’re going to use this to improve the world.

I think I have pin pointed what my gift and purpose is. Now the goal is to just keep up the motivation and not waste any time enacting it. I’d rather be happy being who I am in this world than running around trying to please other people or living the way I’m told to. As Dr. Seuss told us

“Today You are You. That is Truer that True. There in No One Alive who is Youer than You.”

Make that your motto for today and always. Why waste time being other people, when you get to be you.

If you are interested in watching the sermon, you can watch it here. Maybe it will give you insight too.