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Heart Transplant

Normally, I am an unemotional person that people like to describe as cold or heartless. Lately, however, I have been moved by all the children suffering from being bullied and wanting to raise awareness.

I have come up with new awareness movements and I’m getting really close to finishing my books.

I know that this is greater than me and is something I’m being called to do.

When these things happen, you have no other choice than to just accept your task. No matter how much you fight it, it’s going to keep coming back to you and, eventually, it’s going to hit you in a way where you probably won’t like it.

Even though I’m anti-emotions, I’m ok with becoming a sap if it will help make a more tolerant society.

Be Still

I know that in our busy lives, it’s difficult to find time for ourselves, let alone time to be completely quiet. I find the easiest time is in the shower, because there’s no one there to bother you.

While having my quiet time, I let my mind wander and it began thinking of my upcoming project and ways to market/promote it. I came across a great idea that could happen if I ever bring the awareness to a national level. It will combine my natural passion for the fashion industry and still be related to the new path I’m laying.

Then I started thinking, why should I wait for this to become national news before trying to raise awareness?

There are things I could do locally and I don’t need other people to do it for me when I have the talent to do it myself. So I racked my brain and came up with a solution to where to host the event, how to market the awareness, and how to hopefully begin to curb the bullying in our lives. If it’s not cool then people won’t be into it.

I was so excited and moved by this revelation, I had to rush out of the shower to jot down ideas and start setting the plan into motion. Even if Plan A doesn’t work, I can create a B, C, D, etc until I get the idea off the ground.

The moral: never be deterred by where you are, you don’t have to be big to make a difference. Always let your mind wander, you never know where your thoughts will be pulled to.