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Forget Me Not

I just started taking a new class to better learn how to channel my artistic abilities. As I’m reading the assigned book, I came across a quote from Deena Metzger that struck me:

“We know things when we are very young that we forget as we age.”

This is so true!

Think of all the things we accept so easily or the way we see the world as children. We don’t have to be convinced of faith. We believe Santa’s the man with the presents. We believe we’re all artists. We create and use our imaginations every day. We accept people for who they are. We don’t judge them or discriminate against them, we just befriend them.

So what happens to our brains that make these things that were second nature to us as children, suddenly the hardest things when we’re adults?

We can blame our environments. It’s the way we were raised and the culture we’ve grown up in. We can blame life itself. We learned more, we were hurt, we finally accepted reality. We can say it’s maturing. We’re too responsible for childish games and we don’t have the time.

But reallly who are we fooling? We are the masters of our own universe. The best gift we’ve been given in life is the ability to choose. Our free will is so important, we even founded a country on it. It smatters political ads and is imbedded in our speech. Whenever we can whip it out in arguments, we do. It’s like our trump card.

So why don’t we start taking the free will and admit the truth? We’re to blame for choices and decisions we’ve made.

They’re not all bad. We don’t want to take them all back and personally speaking, I wouldn’t change anything about my life now. Sure there are many things I’ve looked back on and been ashamed of or would do differently, but that doesn’t mean I regret them. If it wasn’t for the low points in life, you couldn’t truly appreciate the highs. If you were to go back to change things, you wouldn’t be the person you are today. Which is not something I’m willing to sacrifice, I love the person I am today.

Sure there are things I want to change but that’s life. We’re constantly changing and becoming new because we have new experiences and learning moments that shape our lives. We just need to start embracing them more.

Here’s to embracing my inner child that I know is still in me. I’m not going to stifle the five year old in me, rather I’m going to shape her into the creative person she was meant to be.

Almost Adult

I’ve been living on my own for about 6 weeks now, have finally grown tired of frozen dinners, and want to try this whole cooking “craze” everyone keeps talking about. In order to cook, one must have food to cook with, which is why I was to be found at the grocery store after 9:00 at night.

Now I would like to back up and say that grocery shopping is not something we’re taught. It’s just something that should be second nature, like walking or breathing. When in reality, it’s hard!

When you’re younger, the fridge and cupboards are filled with food. Sometimes us, as whiny children do, even complain that there’s nothing in the house to eat despite a grocery stocked house. However, when you have to be the one buying the groceries, you realize quickly, there might actually be nothing to eat at the house.

The grocery store definitely isn’t just a place to walk into and purchase things willy-nilly. Then you end up with mostly snack foods, only some ingredients for actual meals, and the never fail TV dinners.

This is why I actually sat down, created a meal plan, and an actual grocery list. I’m on a budget and eat healthy, so I have to create interchangeable meals to buy the least amount of food, require the least amount of cooking skill, and can easily travel to work.

Challenge accepted!

…or so I thought…

I no more than enter the grocery store and BAM! have to make my first decision of the night. Buying oats. I don’t know if any of you are aware, but there are more than 1 type of oats. This is only the bulk dry type too! After staring and trying to ask my married (obviously more knowledgeable) friends, I grabbed some granola and moved on.

Now I’m slowly moving about the store, because I don’t really know where things are. Consequently, I discover all sorts of new things available and get distracted. Now I have things that aren’t on my list, but that should be ok. We can wing it, right?

After finally summoning all my products and then some, I make it to the check out. The total came up to almost my entire month’s worth of budget (yes, minor heart attack) so I decided that I will just make it all last.

So I take the groceries home, carry all 10 bags in at once (because multiple trips are for pansies), and put it away. That’s when I realize I had succeeded in buying food for meals, but had neglected snacks. There really isn’t anything to eat!!

That’s why I have found myself back at the grocery store for round two, to hopefully accomplish every adults survival of eating. Maybe once I reach 30, I will become a full-fledged adult…