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Keep Reaching

It’s been a few days since I returned from the Writer’s conference and I’m still on cloud nine.

There was so much information, my brain was going to explode! Desperate need for some introverted time to let it absorb.

I met so many amazing people and handed out my business card (which I’m secretly proud of since I made it) to anyone who would take it. I whole-heartedly believe that these will be friends and connections will be in my world for a long time.

Despite the amazing fun to be had, there was also work to do.

I had a critique with an established author, who had a few revision ideas, agreed to re-read my stories, then gave me a list of potential publishers.

This is the best news, cherry on top, kind of day!

Now I just have to revise, resubmit, and for real submit.

Voices will be heard.

We will stand up for the bullied children.

We will start changing the world.

Keep reaching for those goals, because dreams are possible.


Have you ever been on the cusp of success?

You can sense the hard work you’ve put into a project is on the brink of finally reaching recognition, acceptance, accomplishment, or what ever it is you use to determine its validity.

Yet something happens to you.

Suddenly you find yourself unmotivated to finish. You have all these new excuses or events that take priority and prevent you from reaching full completion.

Why does this happen? Are you afraid of success? Are you afraid of failure?

That is where I find myself. The morning off to finish my soon to be final draft of my stories. They’re already written. There really isn’t any work that needs to be finished, but I still find myself avoiding it. I distract myself with things like reading, exercising, shopping, internet surfing, literally anything that is not the project at hand.

Maybe it’s fear of change. Maybe I have fantasized so much about next weekend that I have made it bigger than it is. Maybe I’m naturally a saboteur. No matter what the reason, I’m sure that it is toxic.

It seeps into your pores, into your mind, into your well-being, so much that it kills you. Maybe not the physical you, but the dreams that make up you, which is worse than the body.

I suppose that’s when you just have to face it. Push through it. Quit thinking and obsessing, instead, just do it! Easier said than done, but here goes.

The worst tragedies in your world aren’t inflicted, but they’re the ones you inflict on yourself. Start believing that change is good. That you can do this. That you’re worth the dreams you have for yourself.

Chance Meeting

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes things happen that appear merely by chance?

I decided to attend a last-minute writer’s group because they were in need of writing to critique, but couldn’t stay long due to a prior engagement. As I’m sneaking out for my alternative plans, I run into an established illustrator that loves to create the kind of images needed for my books.

Coincidence? Fate?

He shows me some of his work and we engage in conversation. Instant connection made! I’m still on the fence whether I want to have the book professionally illustrated or if I want child-like illustrations. I think that a blended version could make for a big impact. We’ll see what he thinks after he reviews my material.

I’m not a coincidence kind of girl. God puts people in your life that you’re supposed to meet. They sometimes come when you least expect them, but always for a reason.

There are still 2 weeks before the writer’s conference, but I believe this opportunity will be for good things. Fingers crossed things will start happening next month!

The Plate is Full

Opportunities have been pouring in from everywhere lately and I have been jumping at all of them. Which is why I haven’t been posting in forever! I have what feels like no time. I’m certainly not complaining about this, I’m just using this as a way to teach priorities.

Being able to do things is a blessing, but if you can’t give your 100% to something, then no one wins. This is teaching me the power of saying no and creating schedules.

I haven’t been going out with friends to both stay money and to get up early for other things that take precedence over socializing, like exercising and getting a full night’s rest.

I was going to sign up for a financial class to help me learn not to live paycheck to paycheck. A responsible move but none of the classes would fit in my schedule. So I have developed my own method and will look into taking it when they offer it again.

I’ve also learned that it’s not always about money. For instance, I turned down a much needed job today in order to blog, do laundry, and catch up on things I’ve been neglecting around the house. Sure, I could have used the extra cash to pay down the bills but I would have been tired and stressing over when I could fit in the rest of my to do list. This would have made me distracted while teaching, which wouldn’t have benefited the children.

These are all great things but I believe you should be fully committed to what you’re giving your time to. Granted this is a lot easier to talk about than to put into practice, but it’s very important. Just part of the lovely life lessons we learn by growing up.