The Next Generation

I have started teaching again and I am quite shocked at how…mature…the next generation of kids are. I don’t want to come across as the old person that complains about the next generation and spews stereotypes, but I am concerned for them. Where did all of their innocence go?

I’m not sure if it’s our new technology society or if it’s just a different wave of parenting, but these children know far more about adult content than I ever did at their age!

The more I’m immersed in their culture by sitting in classrooms, the more motivated I become to start fulfilling my call to action. I want to engage in anti-bullying awareness more than ever.

I don’t believe it’s too late to change people’s way of thinking and to encourage people to think from others’ perspectives before rushing to judgement. If we can get the new generation of kids to relate better to their peers, then hopefully, we can start to create a more tolerable and accepting society.

June can only come so quickly…


Comments on: "The Next Generation" (2)

  1. I started teaching in 1976, retired in 2012 and now substitute very occasionally for friends at the high school where I spent my entire career. People often ask about how kids are different and I like to think they haven’t changed as much as people think they have. Still the same concerns, worries, insecurities but I agree with you that everything seems amplified and they are dealing with adult-like concerns much sooner. Good luck!


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